New Zealand based Dedicated Hosting

As per several kind of needs people, individuals and companies go for a location specific hosting. Main reasons to buy data hosting and transformation from a particular part of earth could be low latency, lightning fast loading, trust for local viewers and buyers, better positions in search engines but when it comes about dedicated hosting type then it becomes even broader as only serious entities purchase it because it becomes a little more in cost in case one buys a vps but a high cost if one decides to deploy a dedicated server. Purpose to have such dedicated hosting from New Zealand based datacenter is to lower down latency along with a devoted use and grip on the resources of machine. Usually those who want to target a specified market like New Zealand and Australia prefer to obtain it for utilizing it as proxy, web, email or database server whereas other may require it to execute commands remotely through mobile connection and top privileged user, root in case of Linux OS and Administrator if provisioned with Windows OS. Whatever goal you want to achieve through New Zealand based dedicated hosting, you can find us the most reliable partner for it.

  • Datacenter in Auckland
  • Best for low latency in southwestern Pacific
  • 100 Mbps to 1Gbit Network
  • Freedom of legal Usage
  • Get with Linux or Windows
  • Lowest price guarantee

VPS Hosting New Zealand

Are you tired of imposed restrictions and less liberty of shared hosting or you are unable to find a shared plan for deploying your website for a particular region like New Zealand or even you are under lesser budget but looking for a dedicated connection from this particular territory. The valuable and suitable idea would be to position a New Zealand vps hosting which will give you full authority on the allocated and purchased resources and also the liberty to perform everything you can do on a dedicated machine. The only different in between dedicated and virtual hosting is the resources otherwise virtual container behave just like top form. With us for NZ virtual private servers you can order to install Linux OS as well as licensed windows operating system with some extra fee. Each node will be connected to a 100 Mbps internet and various amount of monthly bandwidth as per your selection of plan. SSD storage is place with reasonable amount of space as well as 1-6 cores are available in several packages to choose. Ability to include addons like cPanel, Plesk or extra IPv4 can be experienced before checkout at configuration page or at any stage of subscription. For upgradation from lower vps plan to next or higher, you may have to order separately and have to shift your data along with all configuration. You can ask for hard reboot or re-installation of operating system any time and for unlimited number of times.

Quality Hardware

Quality Hardware

We rely on the best for each aspect of datacenter facility that is why we have deployed market's modern and top rated hardware to offer you seamless uptime.



Along with the quickest delivery of services we ensure you the best quality of services and extra fast data transfer for you as well as for your customers.

New Zealand Dedicated Hosting Server

Your program, website or application does not perform well either on shared or on virtual private server due to lack or resources and numerous restriction or you are in well demand of establishing multiple devoted concurrent connections from different worldly locations remotely or even you understand that the only solution for you and your organization is to be up through a dedicated machine for being boosted in New Australian continent then secure your slot through an Auckland based dedicated hosting server New Zealand. As we never compromise on quality but try to present infrastructure in cost price so we will never let you down. Every standard feature to make a machine live is deployed under a tier II datacenter where you can ask for custom configuration and complex network relevant queries. 100 Mbps internet connection is associated with racks as default to offer demanded speed of connecting to the world along with the top notch hardware including cabling, routers, switches, branded allied equipment. Power backup, cooling system and disaster management systems are available with full functionality. Usually a machine is provisioned within 24 to 72 working hours after confirmation of order and payment yet we may have to check the availability which is communicated to you via email.

Japan VPS Server

To maintain and continue hype in your business sales and influence of your company on your relevant audience or buyers or even for maximizing the size of your organization, you must have to look other relevant markets so if you want the VPS Hosting Japan based datacenter, we have this offer for you as well.

Australia Dedicated Servers

Sometimes, you may have bigger plans so instead of virtualization you prefer to acquire a full machine due to heavy traffic usage or for multiple dedicated connections. In such scenarios when you are to stick with a specific location like Australian region then you can order an Australian dedicated server in cost price from us.